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The purpose of the combined financial statements is to show our combined financial condition and results of operations as if all our subsidiaries were contributed since January 1, 2016 as they were as of September 30, 2018, except for the subsidiaries acquired by our controlling shareholder in July 31, 2017, that were combined after this date. Accordingly, the combined financial statements were prepared by the combination of the financial statements of the entities listed below because they shared the same control and management during the 2016, 2017 and 2018 fiscal years:

  • Pulsa S.A.;
  • Frigorífico Canelones S.A.;
  • Frigorífico Carrasco S.A.;
  • Frigomerc S.A.
  • Beef Paraguay S.A. (formerly, JBS Paraguay S.A.);
  • Pul Argentina S.A.;
  • Swift Argentina SA (formerly, JBS Argentina S.A.);
  • Red Cárnica S.A.S;
  • Red Industrial Colombiana S.A.S;
  • Industria Paraguaya Frigorífica S.A.; and

Minerva Foods Chile SpA.The combined financial statements of Athena’s’ Group, which are under responsibility of the managements of the companies that comprise the combined business, are being presented with the sole purpose of providing, in a single set of financial statements, information related to the operations of the Athena’s Group activities, regardless of its corporate structure. The combined financial statements are not required by the accounting practices adopted in any country where the Group maintains its activities.

The combined financial statements are presented to provide financial information of Athena’s Group operations, accordingly, they are only provided  for reference purposes and do not represent the parent company or consolidated financial statements of Athena’s Group and its subsidiaries or of Athena Foods S.A., or our parent company, Minerva S.A., and its subsidiaries, and should not be used as basis for dividend and tax calculations or any other corporate purposes or profitability and performance analysis.