We are a leading South American exporter of fresh beef and cattle byproducts in terms of revenue and the most diversified player in the beef and cattle byproducts industry in Latin America in terms of geographic diversity. According to data from INAC, SENACSA, IPCVA and DANE, we have an export market share, in terms of combined revenue for fresh beef, frozen beef and cattle byproducts, of 41%, 17%, 21% and 73% in Paraguay, Argentina, Uruguay and Colombia, respectively, for the year ended December 31, 2018. In the same period, we were the largest beef exporter in Paraguay, Argentina and Chile and the second largest in Uruguay in terms of revenue. We market and sell beef products, such as meat meal, bones, blood and tallow to large wholesalers, distributors and players in processing industries in China, Russia, Chile, the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates, among others.

In addition, we produce industrialized products, such as hamburgers, sausages, spreads and nuggets, in two processing plants located in the cities of Rosario and Pilar in Argentina. We sell industrialized products domestically to large retailers and food service chains, as well as large fast food chains, and we export to supermarkets in Brazil, Chile and Paraguay. In addition to the sale of our own products, we also resell and distribute a variety of third-party products in the domestic markets in Brazil, Chile and Paraguay.

Moreover, through our distribution networks in Paraguay, Argentina, Chile and Colombia, we sell vegetable, poultry, lamb and fish products, among others, to industrial food companies, retailers (primarily small- to medium-sized) and other clients in the domestic industrial food-processing industry.

Our cattle slaughtering and deboning operations are dispersed and strategically located in Paraguay, Argentina, Uruguay and Colombia, which we believe enables us to minimize risks relating to competitiveness, weather issues and outbreaks of cattle infections and to adjust our export volumes to current market conditions. We further believe that the location of our facilities provides us with a competitive advantage over foreign competitors located in countries in which cost of labor and costs relating to cattle and other raw materials are higher.

Capacity by Country Slaughter
% Of Total # Of Processing
# Of Distribuition
Paraguay 5,400 37% 1
Argentina 5,050 35% 2 1
Uruguay 3,200 22%
Colombia 850 6% 0 1
Chile 2
Total 14,500 100% 2 5